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Leveraging Temperature Sensors on Job Sites: How IoT Can Significantly Improve Job Site Efficiency

A comprehensive study on how project managers leverage IoT technology in construction.

An industrial construction site.

In the evolving construction landscape, efficiency and accuracy are the keys to success as construction companies look for options to stay competitive and sustainable. With IoT technology, project managers can leverage innovative solutions to reduce costs, enhance safety, and improve overall job site efficiency. At Latium, our cutting-edge IoT technology, paired with our custom-engineered IoT platform, Job Site Insights (JSI), empowers companies to meet and exceed their project goals with data-driven insights and real-time monitoring. To prove our commitment to heavy industry advancements, we continually innovate and adapt our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

One such example is our collaboration with a construction partner who sought to enhance the safety and efficiency of their job site. In a remote location with no cellular access, our partner faced various challenges during its construction phase. Their main challenge was to improve the efficiency of maintaining safety measures that required multiple trades to operate above and near an operational stack releasing exhaust gas at 500 degrees Celsius (932 degrees Fahrenheit). Due to the intense heat, ambient temperatures rise significantly in the surrounding areas, which can be a major safety hazard if overlooked. The project manager used various methods to measure the temperature in these work zones, but it required a worker to manually scale the structure and record the temperature which was a long and tedious process that slowed the progress of the project. The project manager wanted a solution that enabled job-site personnel to read temperatures in crucial work zones that are exposed to the intense heat of gas to ensure the safety of work zones and their job-site personnel.

That’s where Latium Technologies provided its temperature sensors to address these concerns. These temperature sensors are designed to detect the ambient temperatures around working areas and, in this case, around the stack. Combined with JSI, it enables our partner to monitor the ambient temperatures wirelessly, remotely, and consistently without having to send a worker to manually check. This ensures that personnel are notified when ambient temperatures are rising above safe working thresholds and reduces wasted labour, improving the overall efficiency of the project.

By integrating Latium’s temperature sensors, our partner acquired these benefits:

1. Cost Savings

Integrating JSI and the temperature sensors saved on labour costs of manually sending a worker to measure the temperature of working zones. With Latium's IoT solutions, this project saved $1.75 million in lost revenue by avoiding a shutdown.

A construction worker calculating the cost reduction when implementing IoT technology on the project site.

2. Operational Efficiency

JSI and the temperature sensors streamlined operations processes that enabled the project manager to allocate labour and resources more efficiently and effectively across the project site.

A construction worker viewing data on Job Site Insights.

3. Enhanced Safety

The implemented IoT technology contributed to enhanced safety by ensuring the safety of working zones. Detecting temperature mitigates the risks of injuries and saves workers from heat exhaustion.

A construction worker adhering to safety protocols on a job site.

4. Mitigate Risks

The collected data from the IoT sensors and JSI serves as a valuable asset in preserving and maintaining job site assets and the protection of job site personnel. This proactive approach ensures the proof of safety measures set in place to mitigate costly insurance claims.

A construction project manager calculating the risks and mitigating them with IoT technology from Latium Technologies

To see various other use cases on how our cutting-edge technology assists our partners in reducing costs, enhancing safety, and improving overall job site efficiency, take a look at our Sensors by Project or contact us for more information or inquiries.

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Julius Caturas

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