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How Latium Technologies Leverages Innovative IoT Technology to Revolutionize Job Site Efficiency

Latium Technologies goes in-depth on its latest project insights and how their revolutionizing job site efficiencies.
An oil sands job site using Latium Technologies' IoT sensors to manage its operations more effectively.

For decades, job sites have used inefficient methods to monitor and manage projects, which inevitably results in delays and rework. Integrating smart IoT technology into project sites has demonstrated tremendous benefits that assist in detecting opportunities to increase efficiencies, and manage job site assets more effectively.

In June's issue of the Latium Link Monthly Newsletter, we highlighted two current and developing projects our team took part in that month, which featured a case study that discussed how our smart sensors are helping our clients solve their issues with fence tampering and security.

To recap, a client has faced multiple instances of fence tampering, discovering cut sections of fencing throughout the project site that needed to be repaired. This ultimately incurred extra unwanted costs and brought concern about the current security measures already placed on the job site. Our team stepped in to integrate Job Site Insights (JSI), our custom-engineered industrial IoT platform, and our Latium Vibration Sensors into the project site, allowing personnel and security to effectively monitor the job site fences. Our platform provides real-time alerts and notifications to the security team in the instance of future fence tampering so the appointed team can quickly assess and rectify the situation.

However, that's not all that we're helping them with. Our team also installed a Weather Station, an IoT device that improves job site safety and awareness by alerting job site personnel about adverse or dangerous weather conditions. Aside from security and safety, a common issue that becomes prevalent over the cycle of construction phases is delay claims. The graphs below display what type of data is being captured with the Weather Station and JSI:

A graph of the total amount of lightning strikes from Job Site Insights that captured data from Latium Technologies Smart Edge Device.
This graph displays the total number of strikes captured by a weather station on a job site.
A graph created in Job Site Insights that displays the Lightning Distance from a Job Site
This graph display the Average Distance of Lightning from the job site
A graph created by Job Site Insights that displays data on the average of the reported lightning distance for all messages where lightning was detected.
This graph combines the average of the reported lightning distance for all messages where lightning was detected.

The Weather Station collects and sends data to JSI to provide data telemetry that validates and supports weather delay claims. Obtaining information on adverse weather conditions not only supports project managers with construction weather delay claims but can help make informed decisions to create a safe job site for personnel to work.

Transforming Mining Sites with IoT Innovations

Another fascinating project that was discussed in Latium Link aimed to revolutionize job site efficiency by leveraging IoT technology in mine sites. Traditionally, these sites have used inefficient methods for monitoring and managing their operations. However, our team has taken significant strides in this area by introducing a handful of solutions our clients can effectively manage their sites.

To recap the project insights, our team travelled to an oil sand mine to implement the High Voltage Cable (HVC) sensors. This IoT device captures the electromagnetic field emitted by high-voltage cables to gather insights into which shovel the cable is attached to, the voltage levels, cable health, and the length of interconnected spliced cables. This enables project managers to track and determine inefficiencies across the project site, so they can make smarter and more informed decisions.

A HVC Sensor connected to a High-Voltage Cable used to transmit data onto Job Site Insights
An HVC sensor connected to a high-voltage cable on site to monitor and manage the health and operational efficiency of the shovel.

One feature that wasn't mentioned in the newsletter was that we also implemented our state-of-the-art weigh scale analog reading sensor. By employing geofencing technology, weigh scale sensors, and AI-integrated cameras, job site personnel can efficiently monitor truck entry and exit times, as well as accurately track the weight of the aggregate being transported. Alongside our moisture detection sensor that detects the moisture levels of the aggregate, which was discussed further in the newsletter, this will help provide accurate and efficient inventory management, provide insights into its density and composition, stay compliant with legal requirements, and prevent unauthorized material removal.

Through our commitment to innovation, we continue to transform the heavy industry and drive it toward a more streamlined and smart future. To learn more behind-the-scenes project insights, discussions and news on IoT, and more, sign up for our monthly newsletter, Latium Link! Located at the bottom of the home page.

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